Mesmerising Ooty

Not far from the India’s IT hub, Bangalore is this popular hill station on the lap of the nilgiri mountains. 80 kms from Coimbatore and 280 km from Bangalore, it is a very popular weekend and a short break destination in Karnataka. From Bangalore there are a few overnight buses to Ooty. You can also hire self -drive cars & bikes from Bangalore to enjoy the charming and mesmerising drive to Ooty.  The weather is very pleasant throughout the year. Ooty was the summer capital of the Madras presidency so was visited by many British officials during the colonial days. The effect of the British colonial legacy can be felt in the atmosphere, architecture and town planning.  Ooty is an absolute treat for the nature lovers with places like Pykara waterfalls, Dodabetta peak, Lamb’s rock , Catherine waterfalls and much more. If you happen to get a cheap airfares to Bangalore, do not miss a short holiday package to Ooty. My personal favorite is the Pykara waterfalls. It is a short drive from the Ooty town. Me and my group of friends had rented bicycles  and had peddled the entire stretch to the falls. It was tiring because pushing uphill took a lot of energy, but it was fun. We had taken packets of instant noodles and freshly baked cakes. The rumoured ghost stories of the place makes the place been more exciting. There are hotels almost of all ranges. We have personally stayed in the Hotel for Ferrnhills Royal Palace to meet the so called ghost. When after 2 days we did not see anything fishy, we moved to another hotel to save money.


1.Ferrnhills Royale Palace: Is one of the oldest hotels in Ooty. The suites in the hotel has got a royal touch to it. The entire ambience finished with Burmese teak highlights grandeur. This heritage property is situated on a 50 acre landscape spread with lawns, dense forest and tea garden.


2.Hill Country Lovedale: This is also an amazing place little away from the tourist congested places of Ooty. The view from the hotel is marvelous and the hotel can be recommended to the newlyweds and the honeymooners.

3.Fortune Retreats : This hotel has it all. Proximity from the city center, modern amenities and  the colonial look.


This is  a vacation worth taking if you ever happen to visit Bangalore. Many people take business trip to Bangalore at least one of twice a year. Look forward for a cheap holiday package during one of those trips and feel blessed.


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