Mesmerising Ooty

Not far from the India’s IT hub, Bangalore is this popular hill station on the lap of the nilgiri mountains. 80 kms from Coimbatore and 280 km from Bangalore, it is a very popular weekend and a short break destination in Karnataka. From Bangalore there are a few overnight buses to Ooty. You can also hire self -drive cars & bikes from Bangalore to enjoy the charming and mesmerising drive to Ooty.  The weather is very pleasant throughout the year. Ooty was the summer capital of the Madras presidency so was visited by many British officials during the colonial days. The effect of the British colonial legacy can be felt in the atmosphere, architecture and town planning.  Ooty is an absolute treat for the nature lovers with places like Pykara waterfalls, Dodabetta peak, Lamb’s rock , Catherine waterfalls and much more. If you happen to get a cheap airfares to Bangalore, do not miss a short holiday package to Ooty. My personal favorite is the Pykara waterfalls. It is a short drive from the Ooty town. Me and my group of friends had rented bicycles  and had peddled the entire stretch to the falls. It was tiring because pushing uphill took a lot of energy, but it was fun. We had taken packets of instant noodles and freshly baked cakes. The rumoured ghost stories of the place makes the place been more exciting. There are hotels almost of all ranges. We have personally stayed in the Hotel for Ferrnhills Royal Palace to meet the so called ghost. When after 2 days we did not see anything fishy, we moved to another hotel to save money.


1.Ferrnhills Royale Palace: Is one of the oldest hotels in Ooty. The suites in the hotel has got a royal touch to it. The entire ambience finished with Burmese teak highlights grandeur. This heritage property is situated on a 50 acre landscape spread with lawns, dense forest and tea garden.


2.Hill Country Lovedale: This is also an amazing place little away from the tourist congested places of Ooty. The view from the hotel is marvelous and the hotel can be recommended to the newlyweds and the honeymooners.

3.Fortune Retreats : This hotel has it all. Proximity from the city center, modern amenities and  the colonial look.


This is  a vacation worth taking if you ever happen to visit Bangalore. Many people take business trip to Bangalore at least one of twice a year. Look forward for a cheap holiday package during one of those trips and feel blessed.


Spiritual Rejuvenation

Rejuvenating your mind and spirit is very necessary once in a while during a life time. Today, in the professional work environment of cut throat competition it is very necessary to take a break and seek solace. Such holiday packages will help you maintain the right path which will not let you deviate from the path of ethics and honesty. Today, lot of individuals are running around to satisfy their material urge that will never be satisfied. You come to terms with the facts and truth of life, spiritual holiday is a must. Spiritual upliftment is not based on any particular destination but your interpretation of life without disturbance. Say, in my visit to the Pyramids or Abu salem, it is very easy to come to terms with the truth that however, wealth you collect, it doesn’t go with you to eternity. What carries on even after your death is your legacy like the Pharaohs, who are still remembers even after thousands of years after their entire civilization has been wiped away. India is one place to attain spiritual upliftment because of so many philosophies exciting in one place.  Some of the most known and sought after places of visit in India for spiritual upliftment is provided below:


Varanasi: This is known to be the oldest city of the world. Formerly known as Benaras, this city is situated on the banks of river Ganga and is known to be the spiritual capital of India. This place is not just sacred to the Hindus, but also to the Buddhists and Jains. The place has been mentioned in many religious books of the Hindus. It is regarded as one of seven holy cities which can provide Moksha (liberation) from the circle of life after death. The holy city of Varanasi will definitely bring you face to face with the balance of life and death. There are both economy and luxurious places of accommodation in Varanasi, but “Palace on the Ganges “and “Welcome Hotel Jukaso Ganges” needs a special mentioning.

aloha 2

Rishikesh: Situated in an amazing location, apt location for deep meditation and solace is Rishikesh. It is also one of the holiest places in India and known for many Ashrams who practise and teach Yoga. The Eastern Philosophy in Rihikesh had helped the likes of George Harrison and Paul McCartney quit drugs and follow a sacred path that resulted in famous numbers like “within you without you”, “on you all” and “the art of dying”. Couple of Hotels that I would like to mention are “EllBee Ganga View” and “Aloha on the Ganges”.


Pondicherry: The city of Pondicherry or simply Pondi has been attracting tourists in the search of spiritual development. The spiritual attraction towards Pondi enhances because of its quiet and calm ambience. Matri Mandir in Pondicherry is an awe inspiring meditation hall along with the Aurobindo Ashram. Every year International Yoga festival is held here. I will recommend a couple of days stay in “Bonjour Bonheur ocean Spray” or the “Nalla Eco Beach Resort”

Such a short holiday package will not be hefty on your pocket. It is a much needed break to lead a life of the present. Even the noted celebrities like Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Demi Moore, Matt Damon among many others have visited India in search of spiritual upliftment. Never mind even if you cannot get a cheapest airline tickets to India, the money and time you invest in the quest for spiritual freedom will never go waste.

Make Your Mother Feel Special

Although there is no fixed day to gratify your mothers for all the efforts she has made to make your life easier, still, one of the dates in May is observed as Mother’s day each year. This year the Mother’s day will be observed on 08th of May. Why not gift you mother a travel package this year?

Consider gifting travel package to your mother based on her likes and dislikes. One of the option could be arranging for a travel package to India. I will not recommend a visit to India in May or June. However, Monsoon (rainy season) visits parts of India by mid-July which makes some parts of India very pleasant. However, October onward every part of India is worth visiting and is pleasant for travel. If you start searching right now or ask your Travel consultants to get on the job, you might very well be awarded with a cheap airline tickets. You can also coordinate with your friends and try forming a group. In fact, group travel makes lot of people feel safe and comfortable. Larger the group, more economic and lesser will be the price of the holiday package.


Kerala Ayurveda Spa Packages: Kerala has number of Ayurveda spa resorts that provides amazing therapeutic treatments starting from basic messages to detoxification packages. You have also got many anti-aging treatments with special herbs and oil. Such packages are very rejuvenating and will sure make you mothers happier than ever. Nothing can compensate what the mothers are doing for us, but a nice spa package with good beneficial treatment could be a genuine symbol of gratitude.

Relaxed days of Peace: Rightly said, there is something money can’t buy. But among so many things that a money can buy, why not spend some to buy some peace of mind. Why not spend some time at the Ganga Pool Villa at Ananda in the Himalayas or at the Moksha spa at Parwanoo, Himachal. These places are much away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Such fast paced our life has become today, that few days of peaceful mind will surely be one of the best gift that you can give to your mother.


Keep everything else aside, the most precious gift you can give to your mother is a family vacation together. When was the last time you were home to give quality time to your parents?  When was the last time you asked you parents out to dinner during the course of which you have thanked them for all that they have done for you? A small and crispy family vacation in Goa would be an amazing to all of you. There are many other parts of India for which you can get a cheap holiday package, tailor-made as per your requirement.