The Royal Holiday Package

“I dive down into the depth of the ocean of forms,
hoping to gain the perfect pearl of the formless.
Into the audience hall by the fathomless abyss
where swells up the music of toneless strings
I shall take this harp of my life. ”


I was standing on the Sansur beach and was reciting the poem(by Rabindranath Tagore) in my mind facing the vast ocean. It was a wonderful, well deserved family time I was having in Bali. With a planned and pre-approved leave, we had managed an amazing deal for cheap flight tickets to the Denpasar airport. Working as an event manager, we usually get breaks between May and July as we usually do not have major events during this time. May –June is not a very good time to travel far east, so I chose end of July. We had arrived 4 days back and today evening we would be flying back to resume our stressful work schedule
We were staying at the “ One bedroom royal pool Villa” at the Jeramy Luxury Villa & spa. Although, we were too extravagant in spending on the hotel/resort, but, the luxury and the experience had left no scope for regret.


The well placed villas promised complete space and privacy with high wall compound around. The private pool experience was my 1st time. It was an amazing experience to have your own pool for yourself. Although now married for 4 years, our travel agent managed to get us a honeymoon package. The little’ extra cost’ bought us a memory of a lifetime. The rooms were setup on a “ honeymoon style” . A candle lit dinner with 2 glasses of wine accompanied the stay. A heart shaped chocolate cake was waiting for us in the room.


This could be an ideal honeymoon package, cheaper than many well promoted holiday packages. We watched the kechak dance at Uluwatu followed by a bar be cue dinner. We were picked by the operators coach from the hotel and taken through a serene ride through the Balinese countryside. The Kechak dance performance that narrated the tale of Ramayana told that we were held back by the human made boundaries. The good spreads on its own and does not need any artificial medium. We had dinner at the Jimbaran Bay. The seafood was ‘ simply awesome”.

The first half of our 3rd day was filed up with adventure. Starting with a buggy driving adventure tour through the Balinese rainforest, it was a magical experience. I felt like bear Grills on adventure. Next, we went for the Elephant safari. It was indeed an award wining park . There were around 25-30 elephants including the babies which we got a chance to feed. Not much can be expressed in words. After this stay, Bali has become my most recommended destination where I had organised my companies annual meet.


Romantic Koh Samui – Water Villas of Chaweng

OverWaterVilla IndoorIf you are looking for peace and tranquility in a short economic break, I would recommend Koh Samui. This resort with water villas is a romantic, quite place; aptly situated amongst lush nature. Completely equipped with an infinity edge pool and elegant views, it has all that one would require for a peaceful & rejuvenating holiday Packages. The resort is just a short 5 min drive from the happening Chaweng beach, it promises unique and memorable experience.

The luxurious over water villas are particularly favorite with the couples. The luxury Jacuzzi enhances the romance with aptly placed large open window where couples can feel the ocean breeze and gaze at the stars. The adjoining private balcony is an addition to the its collection of “romance package” with just a step down to the rooms private infinity edge pool. The romance goodies include a bottle of sparkling wine which you can sip submerged in the luxurious Jacuzzi or the private pool. A candle light romantic Thai dinner will make your stay moments even special, complete with aromatherapy Thai massage and floral bath.

Cheap and Crispy Holidays


Flooded with deals & adverts of the cheap flight tickets? Yet to decide on a Holiday destination? Want to save time on the visa formalities. I guess, an expert advice could help you out. Asia has got N number of destinations that has got a Visa on arrival or doesn’t require a visa of you are holding an Australian or a US passport. The best time to visit the Asian destinations would be between October and March. Most places in the continent enjoy pleasant climate during the mentioned time of the year, except for some places which could have extreme climate during the peak winters.

India has been a favourite destination for many. Many airlines come out with cheap airfares to India, with promotional stopover offers & opportunities in their countries. Flying out from Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong has been particularly favourite with passengers as these countries have range of attraction for all ages. From Theme Parks to sparkling nightlife, these places have it all. From hostels (shared accommodations) to grand and super luxurious hotels, these cities have been thronging with tourists throughout the year. Whereas a cheap airline ticket reduces your overall package cost, a travel insurance guarantees you confidence to face the uncertainties.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi has also been a favourite choice, especially during the shopping festivals and unique environment. Opportunities for light adventure like dune basing, quad biking & sand boarding invites tourist from around the globe. Theme park lovers are also attracted to the theme parks in these cities.

There are some hotels that have drawn attention of the tourists. Pattaya, which is a short drive from Bangkok has been very popular with the passengers who want a break from their stressed city life throughout the year. Imagine the romance and ecstasy involved in staying in a large, spacious suite with a separate step up lounge area, beach front balcony and glass wall shower with bathtub.

In the current time of stress and competitive environment, it is very useful to make full use of the hard earned holiday which will keep you rejuvenated till your next break.