How to Prepare for a Trekking Holiday

142545-OT8BME-543Trekking is hard work. At first, when you think of it, it may seem like an adventure on the hills or mountains. And sure it is but not without an equal share of hard work, which includes walking and hiking for long distances. Unlike other physical activities, trekking needs some preparation beforehand so that you can complete the trek without feeling too much discomfort. So, while you are busy planning on acquiring some cheap plane tickets, take some time out to work on your physical health too.

If you are going on trekking for the first time, here are some valuable tips that will help you during your trip.

Walk as much as you possibly can

This may seem like a no-brainer but a lot of people avoid this simple step when they are preparing for trekking. Remember that walking is a crucial element to trekking and if you can’t build your endurance, you will face difficulties during the trip. Begin with taking small walks and as you build up stamina, go for longer ones. During trekking, you won’t have the luxury of taking too many halts so factor that in when you are doing practice walk. You will be thankful for it later.

Work on your legs

Your legs are going to bear the brunt of your trekking trip so it only makes sense to strengthen them as much as possible. Any leg-based cardio or sports like tennis, squash, badminton, and swimming will be able to make your legs stronger. However, cycling will strengthen the muscles in your legs and also build your calves. If you go the gym, try mixing cycling with weighted squats and lunges. Stair climbing is also great for building your calves and quads.

Woman backpacker traveling hiking in mountains Travel Lifestyle

Correct your walking style

It is quite possible that you have been walking the wrong way all your life. In day to day activities, this won’t matter but during trekking, it’s important to take correct steps. Make sure you hit the ground on your heels first and then rolls onto your toes, which will help you propel for the next step. Also, don’t walk with your shoulders slouched and your head bent down. Walk with your head up and your shoulders leveled to the ground.

Practice walking with a backpack on

When you go trekking, you will have a small backpack on your shoulders and you will need to carry it for the entire distance. So, when you are practicing walking, bring the backpack along. You can fill it with your energy drink and some snack at the moment, but just make sure that you use it for your practice sessions.

These are some of the ways in which you can prepare for your trekking trip and make it successful.

Young Man Traveler with backpack relaxing outdoor.


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